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Photon® is a unique tool for growers to improve yields and harvest quality in a broad range of agronomic and horticultural crops.

Photon is effective against the effects of many adverse environmental conditions. Photon has demonstrated yield increases under heat, chilling, light frost, drought, salinity, and excess radiation.

This exclusive G3 technology

found in PHOTON® is based upon a class of natural plant compounds, dicarboxylic acids.
Crop Microclimate Management is a discovery company and PHOTON is a commercialized product of that research commitment.

Effective at very low rates

– just grams/A of the active ingredient. This globally proven technology provides a low-cost, efficacious and naturally occurring non-pesticide alternative to existing yield-enhancing products.

Suitable for all crops,

CMM will focus on launching PHOTON to soybean and corn growers in the United States in 2015, followed by rice, canola and cotton in 2016.

Dicarboxylic acid, the active ingredient in PHOTON

The active ingredient in PHOTON is being used commercially in some of the most climate-challenged agricultural regions of the world – Australia, Brazil, Chile, South Africa and the Middle East.

Much of PHOTON has been used on high value fruit and vegetable crops, in addition to cereal grains.

The active ingredient in PHOTON is being distributed to growers in the United States, primarily for corn and soybean production.  Subsequent seasons will focus upon key crops like rice, canola and cotton.

Photon info sheets

Photon Info Sheet (US)

Photon Info Sheet (Metric)

Photon Info Sheet (Spanish)